Bring on the hats, sweet tea and jewelry. This spring will be sweet!

My mood has been reflecting the weather outside the past few days. It’s sunny and cheerful. ┬á(Thanks God)

*brace yourself*

I have even felt the energy and motivation to clean the entire house, do ALL the laundry AND swap the clothes in the closet from winter to spring. Hallelujah.

The creative bug has also bit me and yesterday I made many necklaces and a handful of earrings. Including these two beauties.


Book club is this Friday and we are bringing hats to wear, like the royal wedding. The only catch (and beautiful challenge) is that we have to make them. Yes! What fun! Here is the starting product I bought at Goodwill today.


Red is not what I expected to buy but it has potential. ­čÖé


Oma: At home Emma saw a Starbucks stopper laying on the ground and she yelled, “Oh no! Oma forgot one!” ­čÖé I think it’s great she associates you with Starbucks┬áparaphernalia.

Even though I am not a chocolate lover, or even ‘liker’ doesn’t mean I am not a sugar-aholic. I had a sweet tea and lemon square together. Oh my goodness. I don’t want to imagine or calculate how many grams of sugar I consumed in that 10 min span…but it was SO GOOD! Try it, I’m sure you will love it. ­čÖé

(McDonald’s┬áhad the sweet tea and┬áStarbucks┬áhad the lemon square. – so all you friends in Poland can share in my heaven today too!)

Oma and Opa

Emma and I went to my Oma and Opa’s this last week. It was nice, quiet, relaxing…oh and I think I must have gained 10 lbs just from all the amazing food my Oma made! Love you guys and thank you for allowing me and Emma to come and visit.

emma’s 2nd birthday!

OK, I have a bit while Emma sleeps to post in pictures how my last week went. It was Emma’s 2nd Birthday and it was fun! I was also in the Easter program. I think the link for that is HERE. While my mom was here we did some fun things and hung around the house too. We tackled some overwhelming projects like cleaning out Emma’s AND my closet AND she started to organize our garage! It was a huge help.

Well, I hope you like the pictures!

This mommy and baby bunny was from Grandpa and Granma Gigi. She loved it and snuggled with it all day. ­čÖé

****************BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!!!*********************************************************

The cake was an ice cream cake (cookie dough) with cake inside too! It was wonderful! It also helped that it was completely ADORABLE!

She got a little tired blowing out the candles. Mommy helped ­čÖé

This is super cool! It’s disney princess Belle and when she gets wet she changes color! Pretty cool!

My little Emma getting tired from all the excitement and people at her house.

end with emma and her man. ­čśë

Last of Seattle

Finally posting the last pictures of Seattle. (Mom, I hope you like the picts of you and Emma- I think they turned out great)

I went to the beach on our way out of town because a. I miss the smell of the water b. I love watching ferry’s dock and c. it makes me feel dreamy

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you have a great Wednesday. Today is filed with cleaning, organizing, putting things back and also keeping up with our schedule that didn’t slow down just because we were gone for the weekend. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a normal schedule. I guess I’m appreciating the vacation more since coming back. ­čÖé

Oma and Emma

Awesome picture of ‘mamama’ and Emma. “Mamama” is how Emma pronounces ‘Oma’. Cute huh.

There you are!

Kingston Ferry

I love riding from Edmonds to Kingston and walking around, getting fat free/calorie free ice cream (is there such a thing?) and looking at incredibly ridiculous items that are way too expensive. The shop owners seem to hope that we left our good sense wherever we came from and are willing to spend $20 for a stupid boat wind sock- sorry lady.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to THAT in the morning?! Amazing.

Ocean view Being silly

Life is too short to not be silly everyday. I think it is what keeps me from being bitter from all the horrible things that happen in the world.


Scuba divers

Not only is Edmonds known for their cutsie-ness and ferry docks, but also for their amazing underwater gardens. Scuba Divers come from around the world to this little town and ALL YEAR LONG you see them diving. Crazy in my opinion, but that’s because I get cold in 70″F weather. So why would I risk dipping my little body into the FREEZING ice water? ┬á(people have┬áunfortunately┬ádied from┬áhypothermia┬áfrom being in the water too long)No special suit will make me do that. I would rather take pictures of them from inside my warm heated car. Thus the picture above.

Seattle Vacation Pictures

It felt weird typing the word ‘vacation’. I guess it is, but family doesn’t constatute a vacation for me. It’s like another home, so yeah. Today was a mello day so the pictures will show. I’m enjoying my time here and will be happy to be home in Portland too. ­čÖé

Does this mean I'm vintage?!!

Does this mean I’m VINTAGE?!

Aunt Jamie and Emma

Aunt Jamie and Emma trying out Jamie’s new hermonica.

Our day consisted of many BBQ Chips

Our day cincisted of many BQ chips

Snuffy Snuggly shoes

Snuffy Snuggly Shoes


We’re having a great time here and Emma is being spoiled out of her royel head. We’re coming home with a handfull of goodies, and even more to be opened on Christmas Eve. I’m relaly looking forward to Thanksgiving and the days after- Welcome Christmas!

Right now I’m watching Emma in her froggy pj’s being smothered in the face with a lamb. Oma is wonderful. I have to say that both Mielonen girls miss Trav and look forward to seeing him Tuesday. Good night!