Spontaneous Tuesday Night Get-together

Last night we had some friends over. It was spontaneous and I realized how much I missed just having people over and hanging. We need to do it more. I have some friends ask me what I make or serve for those times. Basically whatever I have in the house. I did go out to the store testerday and buy puffed pastry. Everything else I had in my cupboard.

Fetta cheese, Kalamata Olives, Green Greek olives stuffed with Garlic cloves, Green olives stuffed with Blue Cheese (Safeway, olive counter. I just bought a combination bag $7), Asian Cream Cheese Spread with Crackers, Fruit tarts (strawberry, peach and blueberries) and finally chocolate galore (people keep giving us chocolate-please stop!).

And our wonderful friends. Brandon, Becky and Amelia. 🙂

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On a different note, we’re gong to the beach this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. My sister is coming to help watch Emma for the weekend. Thank you Jamie! Really looking forward to that. 🙂