What a Typical Monday looks like in my house

What a typical Monday looks like in our house.

We usually eat blueberry pancakes

On a typical Monday and most days you will find me making either crepes or pancakes. (different verities of course) Emma and I both love them.


I turned to clean her tray from breakfast and hear this ‘whosh’ sound…oh no. As I walk into the living room I see Emma has emptied the ENTIRE box of Goldfish crackers. hehe Life is too short to get mad over things like this. I took some pictures and we learned how to clean up.

Emma snuggling

Emma is a snuggler, most of the time. She loves, and  I mean loves, Chloe. And Chloe likes her, but I think that’s because Emma feeds her human food- just a hypothesis. Anyhoo, I was looking on Facebook in the morning and looked up to find this. How cute! (notice the pancake still in her hands) I didn’t remember to turn on the flash though- my bad.

Attack of Chloe

I can never ever get on the computer and not have Chloe want to all of a sudden snuggle with me.  It makes it impossible to type. She can’t be comfortable with me typing and moving- but there she stays. Sweet stubborn thing.

They like to snuggle with eachother


Any time I take photos of the cats, Emma comes up and fake smiles wanting me to take some of her…I love that about her. That’s about it. I didn’t take any photos of last night, but I went to a friends house to watch MNF and Trav stayed home and chilled with Emma. Have a great Tuesday.