Breath of fresh air- from Turkey

~Yesterday we had a friend speak at our church. He’s a friend that we relate well with and love his family. Both our families seem to be cut from the same cloth. And best of all- he just so happens to also be a missionary to Turkey. He’s our age and has a similar view on the world. When you find those people, you seem to latch yourselves onto them and feed off similar opinions. Kinda sick really, but it’s the truth.

Anyways, as he spoke and gave his little message, I was stuck with not exactly what he was saying (although everyone is saying it was incredible. go here to see it) My calling to be a missionary to Poland was rekindled or renewed or something like those two words. Don’t get me wrong though, I have never doubted that God has called me and Travis to Cracow…it’s just that sometimes it can get stale. You know?

It’s like when you meet your new love and everything is roses and shmoozing. (yes I made that word up) But after a while your relationship gets into a rut. Not horrible, just life. That is the best way I can explain how I’m feeling with Poland. I’m excited but it’s a little stale. (or was until last night) Like a pretty bright colored dress that fades slowly with the sun rays of paperwork and just daily routine. Well, as I was listening I was greatly encouraged to hear and see an actually person who sees the world the same way Trav and I see it. ┬áSomeone who would and did move across the world to live in a different culture and learn a new language. Why? Becaues he loves the people and because God called their family. It’s just different you know? I have tons of great friends, but when they find out we are moving next year to be missionaries, they look at you differently and when I talk about the frustrations with work, church and whatever it’s not understood because I see things slightly warped. I know, however, that they love me and I seriously love them. Please understand that. It will break my heart to say good-bye to them.

But last night I witnessed someone who sees the world differently than most express a radical lifestyle, and he touched and challenged them with his words of passion. I am glad we have them in our lives and have a family that we can relate on pretty much every level. Thanks God for them, they are such a comfort.