Springwater Trail

Today a friend and I went for a walk. It was a nice sunny cool fall day and the trail was busy. I learned this afternoon just how OUT of shape I’m in. We walked maybe 1 hr all together and my hips are sore like I’ve been speed walking miles! Emma had it good, just sitting there looking cute while someone pushed her. Lucky. There were quite a few fuzzy caterpillars out also and I hope they crossed the trail without getting stepped on…here are some picts-enjoy.

Protect our furry friends!

Brittany and I

Spring Water Trail

Emma waving at you

Emma's adorable pants and shoes

We also went and walked in a neighborhood and, I promise you right here and now, all of the mailboxes shown are all on one short street. Seriously. I thought it was so creative and fun to see people personalize their boxes. It must be fun being the mail man, seeing different boxes each day. Do you have a street where people decorate parts of their houses?

Halloween mailbox

Hip mail box- kinda reminds me of the 80's

Ride em' Cowboy mail box!

Shack mail box