Autumn Walk


Emma and I went on an Autumn walk today. Not only did she get to pick up leaves but she got to hear me rattle away about changing seasons,acorns, squirrels, cooler weather, scarfs, and most importantly pumpkin desserts.



It was, for me…. a perfect date. We both loved the wind and how it was making the leaves sail in the air. Eventually, we became silent. Both of us lost in our own world, but would every once in a while say, ‘Oh! look at this one!’


I loved seeing the colorful leaves. Emma only wanted to bring green ones home. Um, OK.


Autumn is my favorite season. I’m one of ‘those’. The pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, pumpkin pie, changing trees/bushes/everything, pumpkin bread. And boots!


It’s a season where the world around us looks like it’s on fire, but the temperature cools. Warmth and coolness.

Kinda like hot cocoa with whipping cream on top. An awesome contrast. 


I hope you have a grand Thursday and pray you get a little down time tonight for yourself. 

Drink a spiced something go pick some leaves. 🙂