Laurel Hurst Park

I know I already posted today, showing you Emma’s cute little purple friend. But today’s outing was too beautiful to keep to myself. There was a yoga class (and I told Trav- ‘just like in the movies!’), people with their dogs, people reading, picnicking and of course the random young couple making out.

Fortunately for you I didn’t take any pictures of them! 🙂 hehe But I did take photos of some amazingly beautiful breathtaking trees. There’s even a picture showing you I’m an real tree hugger. hehe j/k

Enjoy and have a great rest of your night. Tomorrow Emma and I are going to the Zoo with a friend and her daughter. It should be nice and I’ll be looking for unconventional pictures to take. Enjoy!


Family photo

Weeping willow

Tree Huger


A dream