I’m dead meat…

I know I’m dead meat when I push the ‘publish’ button at the end of this post but I HAVE to do this post. And the reality is that I have been planning on posting this for months now, and I’m just now doing it. I’ve been busy.

My sister graduated from High School (whoop whoop!) and as we were taking family pictures there were bound to be a few bloopers of people. But I noticed that everyone had one…hmmm, so I decided for smiles to post their bloopers. They’re not that bad really, but it might embarass them so leave a comment telling them it’s not that bad.

And yes, I am also posting multipul bad pictures of me. There, it’s fair, OK mom?!

(*Jamie and Granmom: I am saving your butts by not posting the pictures I have of you both. I will accept money, babysitting for months or plane tickets to Austin if you don’t want them published for the world to see.)

Dad, Lois, Monica, Aunt Donna and Aunt Carol: You lucky ducks. I don’t have any bad pictures of you…next time we see each other be prepared to have a camera in your face. Hey, it’s only fair to the other members of the family who are in this post. And you want to be fair right?! Thought so.

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