Magical Rain

It’s raining today in the greater Pacific Northwest. We’ve been having beautiful weather recently, but every once in a while mother nature reminds us Fall is here. It’s maybe 60′ with overcast skies and has been raining all morning. I’m in heaven.

Like most of you, I have friends who are not wanting the rain, cloudy skies or cooler temps. I understand. I like to do outdoor activities too. I like to go shopping, stroll around downtown, visit the zoo and frequent the local parks with Emma. Yet as I looked out my windows today, I saw a dreaminess that also accompanies Autumn. Fog draped on lower trees, rain pattering on the ground and blankets to snuggle in! So, I set out to show you and some friends how beautiful the rain can be. (and isn’t it calming hearing it from a cracked window?!!!)

Magical Knobb Hill (I just named it one day)

Water Droplets on a plant in our front yard area

So, so, so beautiful! I love the rain...

Beautiful water puddles on our deck