Kerby Vacuum Salesmen

Lucy vaccuming

I feel like this when I vacuum. I hate it. It’s one of those detestable chores that you have to do or else it looks and feels horrible inside your home. That is, if you have carpet- and we do. I am SO looking forward to the day when we move to Poland and we won’t have tons and tons of carpet to vacuum. *sigh, it will be heaven. But until then I get to do this never ending lovely job.

Just this morning I was pressured shmoozed lied to pushed encouraged ‘asked’  to allow a Kerby saleswoman (from Tacoma) into my home with her assistant to clean ‘only two stairs’ so they could get their quota of cleaning a person’s house AND they would be in the drawing for a cruise to Mexico. But only if I allowed them to clean some carpet and apparently it took 2 people to clean the 2 steps….. Really lady? Really?! Come on…..I’m not stupid. I know how their slimy little system works (because I said yes one time…ugh there was an experience)

During her explanation of the AMAZING offer I could get, showing off her pink diamond encrusted tongue post, my cat escaped outside, Emma came and wanted to see who was at the door and basically it boiled down to this: They are strangers asking to come into my home to clean something. It would be nice in a perfect world, but there have been incidents of horrible things happening to people from so called sales-people. I am a short, little woman alone with a short little baby in my house. Easy targets- I don’t look that threatening. So I said no thank you.  More pressure. Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! They later came back to my house to pressure ask me again if they could do it. I didn’t open my door.

Here is a hilarious account of what would happen if you said yes. No joke, this is word for word. Really look at it- it’s funny.