Mod Retro Indie Clothing

You know those adds that are on the side of your Facebook page? I clicked on one this morning (which I never do) and found the most amazing site EVER!!! You must check it out here. You will thank me later. In my opinion it’s better than Etsy even! It has all kinds of vintag-y and retro and current styles. rings, shoes, dresses (and oh the dresses!), shirts, pants and purses.

Here are some things I would LOVE to get…hint hint family members.

*Warning: When looking at this site, make sure you have at LEAST an hour. It’s addictive

You have to look online at the black dress. The detail and lace is unbelievable! What a perfect black dress…

There are 2 items that really jumped out at me and made me yearn to hold them in my little hands and hang them in my closet. The shirt above is one. I LOVE and I mean LOVE anything hinting to 1800’s period clothing. The shirt above is close to perfection in my mind. Uh, present anyone?!

And last but not least is the most adorable, ‘I NEED’ swimming suit. I am needing a new one, my other died on me, and I’m dreaming of owning this. Most one pieces are boring and well, lets just be honest: lame-o with a capital L. This however says fun and adorable. And best of all, I can feel comfortable in it, which is the main point anyways.