Decorating home for ALL members of your family

Confession: Ever since we’ve been married, I’ve been jealous of other wives who have full control of decorating their home. 


Ever since we said, ” I do” Travis and I have had equal say about everything concerning decorating our home. He has just as much opinion and ideas about making our home, “Home”. We are also both vocal, stubborn people so we’ve had many…’discussions’ about pillow cases,  wall colors, comforters and table ware. However, through the years, I’ve just gotten used to it, thinking it’s just the way it is….but, honestly, internally I wanted full control to make our home as girly as I wanted.

I had this ‘awesome’ mindset that MY home is about ME. MY choices, MY castle to decorate.Who cares if others are living here too. MY opinion rules. ME.

Fast forward to a couple days ago, I was reading a blog about how she makes her home comfortable and “Home” for everyone in the family.

“What?!” “Not about ME?!” 

It convicted me. It made sense and also just kinda obvious. Like a splash of cold water in my face. I was able to shake my head and think about um…my family…not just what this mama likes. *ouch


If, in your home, the daddy/kiddos don’t care- bonus for you! Chose those fabrics, flowers and flatware you love! It might be fun (relative) to involve your hubby more in those choices. He might learn that he cares and it could be a fun hobby for you both. Frustrating for you? At times.

But I’ve found items have more meaning/memories attached when we’ve gotten in an argument. For example, over a stupid lamp shade. When I look at the one we eventually chose, I smile because we are learning what the word, Compromise means. Oh and is it ever uncomfortable.


I also have a manipulation tendancy I’m trying to shake off. For example, and fun for you to read:

I might make pieces, like this pink M, that Travis will look at and is say, “Cool Alexis….um… it’s pink” And I look proudly and say “YES! Isn’t it cool! Emma and I love it and did it together!” He so lovingly swallows his “ugh, it’s like, florescent pink” and lets me display it. It helps when people compliment it. 😉

But I hope I don’t do that very much and that I’m learning to listen and consider His opinions. I’ve learned it’s somehow tied to respect for him. It’s a lesson I’m struggling with but still attempting to understand.

So, overall our home hasn’t really changed. Just this mama’s perspective and attitude…for at least today.











I’ve been slowely noticing all the different textures around me in our home. I love it and it’s getting the creative juices flowing again. In the summer time the creative side to me always goes dormant. Before it’s been squelched by the sun rays and any time it tries to peek it’s little head out it gets sun stroke. I don’t really like summer.

Yes, I wrote that and you can pray for me if you like, but it’s how I feel. Fall has always been my favorite season and now that it’s upon us (officially!) my eyes have been noticing different things in our home. The prickly-ness of our aloe plant, the smoothness of our couch and many other things.

Here are some pictures of some textures that stand out to me.


Lastly, I like the texture but also the print of a dress I’m wearing today.