Hawaiian Autumn!!

I am out of town right now, relaxing on the couch of my Oma’s/Opa’s. Eating sauerkraut (yum!) and watching 4 generations of ladies hanging out. Family. Fun times. But I have a great friend who I asked to guest post today. Her name is Melissa and together with her husband, they suffer by living in beautiful Hawaii, raising their two adorable princesses on the sandy beaches. Horrible, I know. I asked her to give us an idea of what a typical Hawaiian Fall is like. Please give her tons of awesome comments! 



The word autumn always makes me think of beautiful yellow and red leaves, crisp air, the smell of burning leave piles, and apple pie. Those are the things that I miss the most, living in Hawaii. But there is something to be said about a nice balmy breeze, the smell of plumeria in the air, and of course sunshine, that warms you to the bone. Autumn is actually my favorite season in Hawaii, summer can be too humid, spring my allergies annoy me, winter is great too, but we are talking about autumn.

Autumn in Hawaii is filled with the trade winds, and my favorite, rain. I love waking up in the morning and discovering that there is torrential rain outside. I love to curl up on my lanai (balcony) and just watch the rain come down. Everything gets so quiet, and where we live you can see waves of water moving down the street.

Maybe the best part about Hawaii in autumn is that we can still go swimming, in the pool, or my personal favorite, the beach! There may be things to miss about a mainland autumn, like hot cocoa and reading in front of the fire place, but in Hawaii I stay tan year round.