Growing Plants

Emma has been so excited every morning to come down and look at our yellow daffodils that we bought a few days ago. They were only small buds when we brought them home and now she is getting the chance to see them bloom. Pretty cool. My sister is in town visiting and Emma yelled about how the flowers are getting bigger. 🙂


So I am capitalizing on this discovery by growing some plants ourselves. In teeny tiny pots. From the dollar section of Target. 🙂

I bought one for the each of us. Travis doesn’t count. (actually he just said he didn’t mind) I bought pink flowers for the princess and green peppers for myself. Pretty exciting huh…yeah, not. But I seem to use them a lot in most of my dishes and here we are.


I don’t know how you learn. I am first a kinesthetic learner. Learn by seeing and doing. Secondly, someone needs to tell me in detail. Like at an elementary level. So, I am going to explain to you now, how I am using this tool for learning in our pre-pre-school. And if this helps and gives you ideas cool.

Going to let her fluff the dirt pellet things, water and place in the window.

Then we’re going to talk about how plants grow and how they need sunshine…um which we don’t really have now and rain (which we have tons of). And then we’ll talk about how everything grows. People, animal and plants.

If she’s tracking really well and it’s easy for her I will then show her the beautifully made scrapbooks I spend way too long making and show her how she’s grown. From baby to now.

We will eat carrots and dip and talk about them growing in the ground. How we take them out, clean them and then gobble them up. 🙂 And of course how they are good or our bodies.

In what ways do you teach your child about things that grow?