Homemade Honey Granola


I know this might not go on some of your guys’ list of healthy foods but for this household it does. It’s what I would consider a ‘clean’ breakfast. Yes it’s sweetened with honey and has dried fruit ┬áso it’s not ‘sugar free’, but natural sugars like honey and fruits are acceptable in my household. The only ingredients are steel cut oats, dried fruit and honey. So I guess it’s gluten free too. I plan on putting it on yogurt, hot oatmeal (for crunch), as a topping on applesauce, makes a great shortcut for fruit cobbler, eat as cereal and also munching on it as a snack on the tram. For 9zl for a huge bag of muesli I would consider this a great deal. Buying granola is so expensive and if I can make it to my liking and for cheaper then you bet I’ll make it! Besides, it’s fun.


I honestly just emptied a bag of muesli into a mixing bowl and poured in a small jar of honey. I promise I’ll do better with marking down the amounts in the next recipe. ­čÖé My mom taught me how to cook baste of how things feel in the bowls while mixing. ┬á( too dry, too thick, looking for the right weight when stirring, etc)



I baked it at 170’C (350’F) for roughly 20 min then took it out, mixed it so it would cook evenly and put it in again for roughly 20 min. I let it cool so it would get hard then I broke it up with a knife. It got any aggression out of my system. ­čśë I made it without any spices because, honestly, my family like plain things. BORING I know. Some pumpkin spice or heck even some cinnamon would be great on granola. Enjoy!


Cherry Vanilla Granola

I love giving gifts. It’s how I show love. And it doesn’t really matter what it is. Gifts in any form go straight to the heart. I wanted to show some friends who I don’t get together that much that I love them even though we might not be able to have our coffee/Olive Garden lunch dates.

I decided to make Cherry Vanilla Granola. It’s just oats, cinnamon, dried cherries and sugar. Heat in the oven till crunchy. But one secret is that it will get crunchier while it cools. Take that into┬áconsideration. I added a stamped piece of card stock saying, ‘Thoughts of You’. Think about those around you who might be encouraged by a little lovin’ today. Enjoy!

None None

Peppermint Bark and Cranberry Granola

Nothing says Christmas like White Chocolate Peppermint bark. ….actually, I’ve never eaten it before nor have I ever made it. A friend who made this (which turned out beautiful-check her out!!) asked me if I wanted to make this with her. Well, it’s a little belated but here it is.

A paper plate never looked so good. ­čÖé

Peppermint Christmas Bark

I┬áaccidentally┬ámade it in a smaller dish so it turned out way to thick for me. But it doesn’t really matter because I gave it all away. Of course not before I sampled it. I couldn’t give it away if it tasked like soap. Yuck.So I HAD to try it. ­čÖé It just so happen that it tasted very good, however next time I’m totally making it in a bigger dish so it’s thinner. That way you can eat more and not feel too bad because it’s thin. Just sayin’.

Ingredients? White chocolate chips (melted in double broiler or microwave) make so it’s melted through and pour in desired dish. (for thickness) then just sprinkle crunched up Candy Canes on top. I also added a little peppermint mocha creamer to the chips to make it more peppermint-y.

You know you have one of those days where you have more energy than usual, or it just feels like it, and you get a lot accomplished? That was yesterday for me. Not only did I go grocery shopping (3 stores-ugh) but I also made the bark AND Cranberry Granola. I love granola for breakfast, but the stores sell it so stinkin’ expensive. Why?! It’s SO cheap to just make your own. Stupid stores. They’re just asking us to make our own. And if enough people do make their own, pretty soon they’ll be paying us to buy it! I’d be OK with that.

Ingredients: Oats, Cranberries and Maple Syrup (or Honey). Just mix with desired amounts of each ( the more syrup the more clumpy it will be) and pop it into the oven (350′) Make sure you mix it every 15 min or so so it all gets evenly dried out and not burned. When it gets medium to dark brown take it out and cool it. And there you have it. I’m not a fan of nuts, so I didn’t add any. And I had tons of dried cranberries thanks to my mom (thanks mommy!) so it seems Christmas-y, but it’s just what I had in my pantry.

Before cooking Mixed and ready to heat up!

The finished product

When I’m done posting this entry I’m going to make muddy buddies. The Food Librarian made some and it so made me feel in the mood to party…even if it’s just me. Growing up whenever we went or hosted a party there always seemed to be Muddy Buddies. My mom made sure my childhood was centered around the right things- food. Hmmm, that gets me thinking though. Maybe I will HIDE this new batch of muddy buddies and only allow myself to eat this scrumpous treat. Maybe I’ll pull the ‘Red Hen’ card (from the book) and say that since I was the one who slaved (yes for hours and hours I tell you!) over the stove it will be ME that gets to eat it.

It doesn’t really fit into my new┬ánutritionally┬áhealthy diet though. I’m trying to eat better. And maybe even exercise once a week. (baby steps) *sigh, I guess I might give a lot away. Or just invite people over so they can enjoy it with me.

~So consider that an open invitation! Come on over and enjoy my Muddy Buddies with me!

Chocolate Peanut Granola

Today Emma and I stayed in our pj’s. I decided after yesterday’s crazy schedule, that today would be dedicated to doing whatever we want. Emma has already chomped on a┬áHershey┬ábar, I am about to make myself some healthy nachos (it’s the other food group fyi) then take a shower around 1pm. God bless today. Emma slept in till 9am (God thank you!) this morning which meant I had a nice QUIET relaxed breakfast. I was even feeling ambitious enough to make granola. This is saying something because I tried a while back a FAILED miserably. It was horrible, burnt, waste of many ingredients- I was frustrated to say the least. So I just resolved to always buy it. (but it’s super expensive *sigh) That was until I came to a blog. (sorry, I forgot how I got there and I don’t have the page anymore) So I tried it…and ….drum roll please….it turned out great! They’re in jars now awaiting yogurt, milk, fruit or just to be eaten as a snack. I am so happy. I’m giddy really. It’s not really that hard…I don’t know what I did last time. Emma really liked it too- but it has chocolate in it so…yeah. Maybe I’ll make it as a present for someone. Or keep this in mind and simply add dried cranberries and pistachios to make a “Christmas blend”. hehe. I’m actually going to add raisins or craisins to it later today. Yum…

All that’s in it is: Oats,┬ásweetened┬ácoconut flakes, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, pieces of peanuts and then just drizzled with maple syrup. The key is to keep taking it out about every 10 min and tossing it so it’s all getting evenly toasted and clumpy. I added chocolate chips after I took them out and they conveniently melted to make even more clumps ­čÖé Raisins will be added after a shopping trip later today.

Enjoy the pictures and DON’T FORGET TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! It ends Tuesday-and all you have to do is comment to enter. It’s that easy!

Granola Cooling

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Emma eating after it has cooled