Jingle Bell Run/Walk Portland 2011

Yes, I have another goal to focus on. And I’m really excited about it!!!


I have a friend I hung out with yesterday and as she told me of her weekly exercise routine I was so impressed! She has 2 kids, a wife and has a crazy full schedule outside of excersising BUT she makes time to run (at least 3-5 miles) Monday-Friday and then swimming laps on one of the off days. And chose to take a day off to rest. 6 days a week. Incredible.

CRAZY RIGHT?! (but I have to admit I’m totally jealous of her determination and endurance)

Without meaning to, she has inspired me to get back into running. Who cares that it’s starting to get cold. On the days when its raining sideways because of the rain will be my challenge. To go outside or not.

I know myself and know I’m mostly a wimp. 🙂 Totally OK saying that. But I’m a wimp who is in training to be a tough mama! And my hope is to run 3 times a week and maybe swim 2-3 times a month.

However, I really need a goal. I will totally flake out if I don’t have one, and also friends to complain to encourage each other.

So me and some friends have decided on the Jingle Bell Run downtown. It’s a run/walk so not too much pressure. Should be fun really.

Wish me luck! 🙂 (and if you want to join our group, comment and let me know)