Ginger French Toast


I usually feel a desire to make some kind of cool breakfast on the weekends. ‘Cool’ meaning something other than cereal. Why? Because I like sleeping in and quiet slow mornings. When you don’t have to wake up and rush somewhere. When it’s just me (which is never) I enjoy toast, tea and a book for the mornings. But more about this french toast…


I am a huge lover of ginger. So when I was making french toast one morning a while back, I decided to add some ginger powder. What a good choice. Neither Travis or Emma has noticed a change of flavor but I definitely taste it and love it. It’s the norm’ now. Our french toast always includes ginger.

It’s not complicated, the most simple basic recipe really. And let’s be real, who wants to make a complicated recipe soon after they wake up?! Yeah. Nobody.


Guessing on the measurements, I do it by feel. 

3 eggs, 2 T of Cinnamon and 1T of ginger and 3/4C milk. (really guessing on the milk)


Whisk a bit then dip in bread and fry, this made 7 pieces. I also used EVOO instead of butter in the pan.


Do you make special version of french toast? I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve seen many stuffed ones but can’t get myself to take all the extra effort.

Happy eating!