In the past few days I have had women open up and express how they’re feeling about themselves, their family and relationships overall and I am SO encouraged and deeply grateful to each of them.

As we talked, none of us had answers for each other. We listened and sat. The level of depth and vulnerability was touching. Different women. Different hang out times.

It is like that moment when you walk outside in the snow and everything is silent with so much beauty around and you feel like if you speak then it will break.


It’s times like these I need to remember. It is so easy for me to feel isolated and frustrated. But when I open my eyes and reread posts like these, it reminds me that God is moving in the hearts of the women friends around me and we’re trying our best to share in it together. We might not be all at the same pace, but we’re kinda patient. Loving it.


I’m now needing to push myself to read my book for book club. Really excited to get together with the ladies. I think I’m only on….maybe chapter 3? I have about a month. I can do it.


The sun is shinning. Love it. Miss it. Praying for Spring to start. Maybe it has but the temperature sure hasn’t risen. Boo.

But for these 2 min in a day when the sun is bright I’m thankful. ­čÖé


My darling baby girl is turning 3 Saturday. Belle Princess party. Pictures? Oh definitely.