Thank you God!

God gave us a sunny day today! I woke up and saw the rays shinning through the blinds and instantly my day was better than yesterday. It’s not hot but it is going to be in the 50’s and that my friend is something to celebrate. Hah! Yes! Thank you God!

I bet I can read your mind and can tell you no. No, it’s not warm enough to put on my heals or wedges. But soon my fashionista friend- soon! Thursday’s suppose to be almost 60!!! I won’t know what to do with myself. hehe

We tried to take advantage of the sun early in the day. I was busy doing important things on Facebook (*cough *cough) and so I encouraged Emma to play outside- on our wrap around deck. It’s a beautiful thing. However, I think she forgot we even had one. I’m serious. Poor thing.


She had her snack out there. Pretzels and cherry juice. Some of her favorite things. Right now she is generously feeding her Care bears pretzels. How is it she freely gives them food but has a hard time sharing with real people?

Hmm, I think I just answered my own question with the last two words of the last sentence.


Our day’s not half over and we have some fun plans already in store! Lunch with a friend and her daughter. And I’m thinking about going to the park too.

Hurray for sunny days!!!!

my serious friend

This is our friend. She is a very serious person. Especially when dealing with money. In the time we hung out in LA I rarely saw her smile or laugh. It was a very sad thing.


I joked and joked with her but nothing. Not even a crack of a smile. Nothing.



OK, that was for her to read and laugh. I LOVE YOU MY HALF FRIEND ┬á­čśë

DSC_1136.JPGI had such fun with you laughing and hearing you say crazy things. But I think one of my favorite memories was during a break time and I hear this girl singing to an i-pod and not caring if people are around. You are so carefree and listen to the spirit so sensitively.