Home Tour: Entry Way

Home tour number two. Our Entry Way. It is very wide and open and we really like it. So without further stalling: Here is our entry way.


The crosses are a collection we’re slowly working on. The shoe organizer is from where else: IKEA.

I would love to hide the electric panel. Any ideas for how we could do that?


Travis likes clocks. And when we moved in here Trav was instantly talking about a place to put a clock. It made me smile.


I made the ‘M’s and the fake plant and pot is of course IKEA. Have I mentioned we love that store?


This was a gift from a friend in Arizona. It is made out of a cactus. It is so light- it’s a favorite of mine.


Again, my ‘M’s. *sigh, I really like them. Travis isn’t so fond of the pink but hey, technically he IS out numbered 2 to 1.

And lastly our poster which we got at church some years ago. And yes, it will be going to Krakow with us. 🙂