Keeping it Real

You know those days when you feel like there is so much that needs to be fixed or changed to just be a ‘normal’ person? Like the times when you find yourself interrupting your spouse because they just aren’t agreeing with you and you feel it’s your God given job to convince them you’re right and they’re wrong? Or just waking up in a bad mood which leads to you being impatient with your kids? Uh, yeah. Been there and then a whole lot more.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot that I believe is bad about me. Which is coming because I’m on a healing road and all this is coming to the surface. Wonderful. Not. So anyways, I was at woman’s bible study and as they were talking I was in my own world and was writing down what God was telling me. Basically, it was that I’m a good creation. Period. That there is more good in me than any bad that I see.

Since He doesn’t make mistakes about things- and He called me a ‘Very Good Creation’ (Genesis 1) then it must be true. I am a good creation. He didn’t say that I’m mostly good. Or that I’m good on days I do things for Him. I am good all the time. That’s the truth and all the garbage I’ve been believing is…well garbage. No need to try and be good. I already am.

This might seem like I just said the same thing like 5 different ways but I am writing this for me. I sometimes need to explain it to someone else to fully understand what He’s saying.