Easter Eggs

Emma made some eggs today with her girlfriends. What fun!

easter eggsThey ended up pastel-y and very girly. Very delicate and over all lovely.

flower eggsWe colored on some eggs with crayons first and this was the result. 🙂 Not too detailed, but it was 3 yr olds…it could have gone way worse.

Emma's eggsWe are celebrating Easter all weekend and making a special Polish cake/bread that will hopefully be tasty. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Mondays thoughts…..


For some reason the colors of the eggs are grabbing me and challenging me to see my life through organic eyes. There is a lot God is doing in my life right now that I know later I will see the fruit of.


I just like the textures of these. The lamb was mine from when I was a baby. I will never get rid of it and I’m sure it will become one of those weird ‘grandma stuffed animal items’ in one of our rooms in the future. That’s ok. I love it. Oh and the salt is just on a pretty plate. It’s the little things.


Her lips look a little blue because she had been sucking on a blue sucker. Love the new shirt- target.

Hope you all have a great Thursday. 🙂