Rapunzel dresses and new babies

I know I got a lot of people reading this going ‘what?!’ are you pregnant?! Not yet, but…

that is what this post is all about. 

I need to first explain Emma’s obsession with the Tangled dress. More specifically, the Disney store Rapunzel dress. And she’s wanted it for about 2 months now. She describes the poofy sleeves as well as the long sleeves and the matching shoes. Her voice gets all dreamy sounding and she discribes how she will wear it to her purple Tangled birthday party. (which is in April)

Even though she’s killing this subject DAILY I am constantly reminded by God that Emma’s Rapunzel dress is our 2nd baby. There are obvious comparisons. 

I get all dreamy ( 🙂 ) sounding, I want it NOW, I imagine my life with another one and how wonderful it would be. God then asked me why I’m  not giving Emma her dress now. And the obvious answer is that it’s not Christmas. Travis and I have planned that she would get it for Christmas and Emma is expecting to get it soon. (the sooner the better) 

Like wise, I know that we will eventually be given another baby. And although I have my moments of sadness and disappointment, it’s really helped me to know that He has a certain plan about how He wants to give us our second-and that comforts me.

I see all the lessons Emma is learning while she is forced to wait for ‘the dress’ and I am so proud and amazed. I giggle and smile when she whines she ‘WANTS IT NOW!’

because I totally know how she feels.

**I for one would be VERY happy if we got a baby for Christmas. I could just imagine God laughing and smiling in anticipation as I give Emma her dress and He gives us our babe**

Pretty dress

Looking at Mod Cloth is bad. Very bad- of at least it is if I have any money. I don’t so I just post things here to let every family member know what I would like for Christmas, Birthdays and St. Patrick’s Day. lol Just kidding.

But isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?!!