Historically correct Disney Princesses

I have a love affair with long flowy dresses. The kind you need to pick up so you can walk…ah yes. Doesn’t really matter with the color, just choose a Disney princess dress. They have practically every color. But are they accurate? Meaning historically accurate?

Well let me show you! I found these illustrations and fell in love with them! Here are just a few of the most popular princesses in historical accurate clothing. You can find more about the author and illustrator here.

Ariel (1890)

Princess Aurora (1485)

Snow White (early 16th Century)

Cinderella (1860)

Jasmine (pre Islamic)

Belle (French court, 1770)

Which one is your favorite? I think mine is Aurora or Cinderella… but I love Jasmines so much too!

Thank you Disney

There are lots of things I hope Emma doesn’t pick up from Disney princess movies. And we’ve had some talks already about bad attitudes/choices the princes/princesses made. However, there are some wonderful things too….and it definitely comes with perks!


She can hand scrub my floors any time.  🙂