Evil Dentist man who made me cry


I grew up hearing people talk about how much they hate the dentist. And honestly, I had a horrible attitude. I thought, ” Suck it up peeps! Dentists are here to help us”  (Do you hear it coming?)


I decided to not be ‘tough’ for my fillings last week (yes, I had 3) and just be myself and allow myself to feel whatever emotions came out. I honestly didn’t think anything would happen. However while I was in ‘the chair’, and he just syringed enough numbing agent for a horse into my gums, he left for about 5 min.

During that time I found myself shaking and all of a sudden I had tears in my eyes.


But I was insistant on not masking my weird reaction so I moved my face so the dentist wouldn’t see me.

I mean who cries in the chair BEFORE anything happens and on top of  that, you can only feel half your face?!

So to wrap it up he came back, tried to kill me slowly fixed my cavities and I cried THE ENTIRE TIME.


Seriously, there were tears running down my face the whole time. lol I can laugh about it now, but at the moment I was super mad at him. (after all it’s all about me right? oh, no i guess not) After a while the dentist just stopped asking me how I was and just worked. It wasn’t hard to see the tears.

I was there a total of 1 1/2 hrs. Yeah, I cried the entire time. It was the feeling of not being able to talk, not having control of my body and the smell of burning coming from my body. Just a wrong smell coming from yourself. I felt panic-y the whole time.  

All in all, I got 25% off the whole visit, but it was at a high price! lol


I have to go back to the torture chair Monday for 2 more fillings.


thanks 🙂