Day:10: Childhood memory

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a 30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. 🙂

Day 10: Childhood memory

“Coffee Breath”

16745194251.jpgI love coffee breath. It reminds me of my dad in the mornings when I grew up. Not that I remember him always drinking coffee.

I remember when we were first married, Travis would tell me I had coffee breath and I took it as a compliment. Which I am sure he meant to give. 😉

I just love it. It reminds me of snuggling with my daddy, lazy weekend mornings, donuts and just ‘comforting’. And I somewhat hope Emma has the same emotional connection when she’s all grown up.

Do you have a silly weird thing that reminds you of a fond childhood memory?