No Heat Curls

So this has been around the internet and looked easy and simple so I thought I might as well try it. It worked OK,  even though the curls were fun around my face…the back of my hair didn’t really curl. Too bad. 

Instructions: you just take one of those hair bands (like the volleyball/runners use), wrap it around your head then take DRY strands of hair and tuck them in. I took a shower, air dried it and wrapped it. This is how mine turned out:


The back is super cute to me and I’m looking for a black band to use for daytime wear. I’ll just wear it out for the day, sleep on it, then the next day wear it curly. 🙂

Nice change from a ponytail- can I get an amen?!

This look reminds me of the 40’s. Which I love.


And…..the finished product:


The curls won’t stay all day for me, but it would be a fun look for a night out or wedding. Go ahead and try it. 🙂