winner and cupcakes

Congratulations to MARIA!!! You are the new owners of the green bracelet and green glass earrings! 🙂 Email me with your address. Thanx!

New jewelry coming up later today! They are beautiful in my opinion!!! It’ll be worth it for you-trust me 🙂


In other news, we… made cupcakes! (‘we’ being a relative over generalized term) From scratch. Yummo. They were a little more dense than I would have liked but they were tangy and I loved that. Eggnog cupcakes anyone?


I wrapped them for Trav to take to his work but I guess he forgot them. Maybe tomorrow he’ll bring them. I’m also a little obsessed with cool plates like what’s pictured. Oh, anthropology, if only I have millions to spend on plates from you.

I topped them with toffee and chocolate chips. The icing is chai cream cheese.

NoneHere is a recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Have fun creating whatever you feel like!

Carrot Cupcakes

A couple days ago I made Carrot Cupcakes. And I believe it will be the last bunch of cupcakes I EVER make with a mix. Yuck. They look pretty, but they tend to fall apart and aren’t that tasty. I think the biggest ‘Yum Factor’ is the cream cheese frosting I made. And oh is it yum…

I have a book of cupcakes but I realized that I’m not a cupcake girl, but a bundt cake girl. So I’m going to try some cupcake recipes and pour it into bundt pans and we’ll see how it goes. Should work out just fine I think. Now I just have to get ride of them. And since Trav isn’t a sweet dessert person (he’s mainly just a choco-holic) it’s going to be up to me.