DIY: Cup Sweater


So this next one is a fun one. Just crochet a small rectangle. 

Add a button on one saide and the other braid some yarn, and tie it on the back side in a knot. Pictures:


Finished product:


That’s it!!!! I raided my coats in my closet for any extra big chunky buttons. You know, the extra ones that are never used. Score!


Let me know if you do this! I would be happy to see how yours turned out! 🙂


DIY: Love daily


I’ve had this bee buzzing around in my brain for a while. Christmas presents will include some needle work for sure. 🙂

This is my first attempt at this so the first (usually the ugliest) handkerchief is mine.


God has been talking a lot to me about LOVE. How deep and overcoming it is. So I wrote this as a good daily reminder.


You better believe this is going everywhere with me. Church, small group, Genesis, counseling and everywhere else I might cry. 🙂