Our Christmas Wreath


My Christmas wreath. Isn’t it pretty?! 🙂  Only in the Pacific Northwest do we decorate with sparkly ferns.

We like our foliage. 


When I started this I was all alone, had no idea what I was doing or how much yarn it would take. I just started wrapping…and wrapping….and wrapping. My shoulder definitely hurt by the beginning end but it was worth it. Fyi, it is a huge wreath and took only one medium size spool of yarn. Don’t go over board like me and buy too much yarn.

Go ahead and make one yourself. Its fun, takes a little time but adds a little whimsical to your home. 

Our front door won’t close with it on so I am forced to hang it inside. It’s OK, I love it. I’ll also be changing it with every season. 🙂


Craft night

I’ve had this dream for years now. That some crafty friends would all get together and make messes doing what we all love best. Some would sew, others wouuld scrap book and others whatever they love doing.

Well, I kinda started accidentally. I had a free night with Trav gone and so I called a few girlfriends to keep me company be creative with me. This was our night:


She’s posing here. I was like, ‘OK!  Ready?! One two….oh crap. OK let’s try that again, One, Two………….Three!’ Poor Brianne. Oh and she has a great blog here. Go say you liked the rainbow skirt she made for Emma!

Also know it was really late at night and so my pictures aren’t that nice. I’m a snob and only like natural light.

16985918293.jpg 16985078377.jpg 16985943981.jpg 16986020461.jpg

And of course I asked her to pose with the finished skirt. She is such a good sport.


Pumpkin bread, coffee, girl talk and fabric. Wonderful amazing night.  🙂

DIY: Fabric Flower Necklace

This DIY project is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a loooong time. It’s simple, beautiful and my favorite part is that you can customize it to your liking. Many more will be made.


Lots of awesome pictures are coming…get a favorite drink in hand and be ready for some eye candy. 🙂

Fist you need to get some fabulous cheap fabric. For this just one reason I am crazy about Jo Ann’s.


Next cut a felt circle and trace it on the back side of any fabric you want to make a flower of. It’s so the fabric and felt circles are the same size. Looks better that way.


Now after cutting circles, take one and fold it twice. So it looks like this:


Then just start sticking them on the felt circle. One at a time till you get yourself a flower!

Forgot to take a picture of a finished flower. Whoops. I got too caught up in the creating. Really. You can kinda see it on the right side of the picture above.

But Emma did take a couple pictures while I was making the necklace. My ‘craft table’ with tons of scraps, hot glue and smelly candles. Cutting the circles took the most time.


Next, once your flower is complete, you want to slather the backside with hot glue.


And before you put it down on more felt, you want to attach a long piece of chain. This way, the necklace chain is secure, in between two pieces of felt. Picture shows better than I could explain.


Does that make more sense now? Hope so. So now you have your necklace and it’s almost done!


Just cut away the felt from the flowers an that’s it!


Emma really wanted one…and I can’t say no to Emma wanting to do crafts. So this was created:


Let me know if you try it! 🙂

Spring ideas

Isn’t this a fabulous idea!!! Travis, this will be in our house somewhere. Perfect for Spring/Summer

this next can be made as colorful as you want to make it. Anyone want to let me borrow their butterfly punch?

OK and here is my spring to do list:

spring list