Being yourself is hard!


Found this quote through Facebook from a friend that posted it. It really made me stop and think. Where in my life am I being pressured…HA, where am I not?!

I thought of this silly little teeny blog you’re reading now. How SUPER CRAZY EASY it is to compare and change what I write about based on others blogs.

Some have special font.

Some have their blog done by a professional. And it looks like it.

I have dreams and visions of what I would love this blog to look like…and how many comments/followers. It’s not there. But would it ever be ‘there’?! I have to ask myself what is my motivation for any changes in this blog? Why change it to look like someone else’s?

I fight this one single fight everyday. Silly huh. So why do I do I keep blogging?

Because I like you. Family and friends. I want to say hi and bounce a bit of my crazy thinking/questions of you.

That’s it for now. Being yourself is hard!