Homemade Crayons

I was looking at a couple favorite blogs and came across what I wanted to make for Emma’s party favors for her birthday party. Homemade crayons. Super simple and really cute to me. I’ll add a couple other cutsie things to thehir goodie bag but I really had a lot of fun making them.

If you’re interested, go ahead and try it- SUPER SIMPLE AND FUN!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย (But don’t try it if you’re going to Emma’s party, you’ll get one!) I used Trav’s old crayons from when he was little. Can you believe it?! His mom saved his crayons! I’m making one for Emma so she can color with the same crayons as her daddy. Of course I’ll take a picture of them coloring together. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is his old coloring box. Remember these?! You can barely see his name written on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The longest part was taking off the paper. Tedious but kinda nice listening to music and soaking up sun streaming through my windows while Emma naps. (it’s a great day today!)

After that just put them in ย rubber molds. I have heart shaped ones that I snaggede a couple years ago in the $1 Target area. Perfect shape for a Princess ‘Thank you!’

Pop these bad boys in the oven 200′ F for about 30 min. Take out, let cool and pop them out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine are still cooking, so tomorrow I’ll post her coloring with them. Have a great Wednesday!!!

A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a beautiful day. The clouds threatened us with dark colors but nothing has rained down on us but sunshine. Emma and I took a walk because Emma was freaking out wanting to go outside it would be good for Emma to get some fresh air. Once outside, she immediately started talking high pitched and looking for the neighborhood cat. She ADORES it and just so happens to also freak it out. She’s just a toddler….I mean my baby…*sniff, my baby is growing up!…..

Here kitty kitty...

Here kitty kitty


“There it is mommy!!!”

Our neighborhood cat

Unfortunately,ย it only came to see me and after a while got frustrated with Emma and just left. So we continued on our walk adventure. I took many many pictures and annoyed the crap out of Emma, but out of them all….only ONE had her with her eyes open. This one:

Don't you just love her pants?!!

The beautiful hill by our house

We slowly came home and colored on her special pumpkin, a project I had been holding off on till today. I had to have something to bribe her with to come inside…and she didn’t want to come inside…she let me and the whole neighborhood understand she didn’t want to.


This pumpkin is awaiting Emma’s creativity. So before…


In the middle of being beautified…

Now black...

OK say it with me. “Oooooooo” I know, she has an artists stare huh…:) Or maybe the sun is just in her eyes.


Tada! The finished product which greets visitors at our front door. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your Monday, we are going out to celebrate a friends birthday for dinner. (Yahoo, I don’t have to make anything!!!) Tomorrow I’m making BBQ Chicken pizza…mmm. For some reason I’ve been craving BBQ. Huh. Anyhoo, have a nice evening.