Our morning

Yummo Morning shot

Yes it's awesome

This a shot into our morning. I made my mom’s famous ‘Poor man Cinnamon rolls’. Basically, it’s just cheap-o biscuits dipped in butter then cinnamon sugar. That’s it. And let me tell you they are AMAZING. Really good on a cold morning, which just so happens to be what we had this morning. It was 13’F and…yeah…freeze your butt of cold. I immediately turned on the fire and got Emma some juice-to tie her over till they were done cooking. Emma was pretty hungry by the time they came out. But then again, so was I. Some people just can’t stand thinking about eating when they wake up. Emma and I are in the other camp. That’s the camp where once we rise we have to put something in our tummies. And I promise that if you make this for breakfast, your tummy will thank you.

And yes, I DID take this el natural. That means: no brushed teeth, no make up, no hair brushed and my oh so comfy college sweatshirt. But doesn’t Emma looks SO cute?! That’s what convinced me to choose that picture to post…she doesn’t take any bad pictures…well not true. She takes plenty of those too. She’s well rounded.

Cold workers I'm glad I don't have their job!

This is a picture of me practicing to be a private investigator. OK, not really. I would really be horrible as a P.I. and would make no money. This is actually a picture to show you all how cold it is here. We live in Portland, OR and recently it has been REALLY cold. Like 13’F cold. That was today’s temp and these poor construction workers, who I’m sure are happy they even have a job, are freezing their butts off working all day on our roofs. But when they get any spare free time they run to the sun and try to thaw their stiffening fingers and feet. Those poor workers, at least they’ll be happy with the warmer weather we’re suppose to be getting next week.

I don’t get sick

I don’t get sick. Not really ever. I think I’m the person who spreads colds, flues, etc. I don’t mean to, but it’s just how it is. Travis was complaining about feeling like he was getting a cold. And I actually got a little excited. I thought of the chicken noodle soup I could make and how I could fuss around him. Crazy I know, who gets excited about that?! Sorry Trav. Well, last night as I was driving home from a birthday party I noticed that my throat was feeling scratchy and sore. Weird. But I never get sick so it won’t come to me. Well all through the night I tossed and turned. My throat now really is scratchy my nose is running and all stuffed up and I now have problems saying our last name normally. (Mielonen- because of the ‘M’s’ and the ‘N’s’) My eyes are also watering which makes me think that it could be seasonal? But here is the important questions…Who takes care of the mom when she gets sick?!  Who will make me homemade chicken noodle soup? Who will bring me snacks, medicine, hot tea, lap tops and books in bed?

So I am up, on the day we can sleep in, sitting on the couch blogging- 7 am people! I dragged my sorry sick self out of bed cause I couldn’t sleep anymore. Horrible. Not only can I not sleep anymore, but my nose is starting to get red from the horrible little Kleenex squares. Who knows…all that matters is that Trav gave this to me. It’s his fault. Heck it has to be someone’s fault right? All I have to say is this better not be given to Emma…* PLEASE God!

Cute dog