Getting in a Valentine mood

Valentines Day is about love, great friendships and polka dots. Gotta love the polka dots. Why hasn’t anyone made a polka dot rose?! I’d buy a dozen every Valentines Day for myself. Seriously, if we can make seedless watermelon where are the polka dot flowers?!

I digress…

They make me smile. Any rainy day has the potential to be better if only you wear polka dots…or animal print.

I’ve had some of you ask to see more outfits, and to be honest I’m getting more excited to mix and match my items together to make new outfits. I blame Pinterest. And I would rather use what I have in my wardrobe before shopping for new clothes. 


Unfortunately for you, you are only going to get a picture of my shirt and jewelry. No fancy shoes today- it was raining so hard I couldn’t talk myself into wedges.


Next time I won’t let the weather decide my choices…unless it’s still raining cats and dogs. At that point I’ll just live in my rain boots. (and as I write this I hear it pouring outside)

Necklace:Claires/gift from friend, Shirt:H&MKrakow


You’ll want to come back Saturday for a BIG announcement!

Don’t miss it!

What I Wore Wednesday

I was reading a blog about how simple clothes are sometimes the most flattering and elegant. I completely agree and decided that today’s outfit should be about keeping it simple and plain.

I’m linking up for WIWW.


I’m still trying to find a place to take pictures in my house.


Shirt from my mom (danke mutti!), Pants:the GAP/Necklace a present.


I have a deep love for poofy sleeves. It allows my alter ego to pretend I’m Elizabeth Bennett. (Pride & Prejudice)

30 Day Challenge: What I’m wearing today

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a 30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. 🙂 

Day two: ‘What I’m wearing today’


The weather outside was making me feel nautical. Thus, the stripped blue/white shirt and blue blazer. The scarf is from a friend, and added a bit of girly-ness. 

Please ignore the bad facial expressions. I decided not to crop my face out because… it’s real. I make weird faces when I’m awkward.


We were on a family walk, searching for puddles to jump in. Trav took these pictures. 


Pants:present/shirt:Target/cardigan:Old Navy/Scarf:present/Blazer: thrifted/Boots:Payless


I have a certain group of shirts (usually the new ones) that have mysterious holes on the front of them. This mystified me for longer than I would like to admit until one day I was sitting on the couch and up jumps Chloe, my domestic raccoon.

*side note: I always forget how old she is, but I love her and would spoil her rotten if I had the money.

So up she jumps on my lap jealous for my attention because I have the lap top on my lap and am obviously rejecting her. (or so she thinks in her twisted wonderful little mind of hers) She always tries to sit right on top of the lap top as if lightening will hit me and I will then give her full attention which is rightfully hers to command.

She comes up and stretches out over the entire lap top and begins needing my shirt! Oh and gets her sharp little claws caught on my newly bought shirt and yanks her paw away ripping a beautiful little hole! (It doesn’t help that they make women’s shirts so thin now- what’s with that?!)

‘She is the one!’ I think. ‘She did it! She ruined all my shirts and now forces me to layer in a certain ways where you don’t see the holes.’ *scowl at Chloe- like that will teach her.

So what do I do? Make a mental note and make sure she’s comfortable next to me and the lap top. I sure showed her who’s boss.