Like  you, I’ve seen this project all over the internet and like any other fad I have to try it out to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. This project was fun, fast and relaxing. So yes, try it and do it with prettier more sparkly buttons. I used only what I had in my house.

I first painted the letter pink. Mainly because I’m starting to accept that I like pink and that doesn’t make me a bimbo. So I’m incorporating it more in my wardrobe and house.


Heat your wonderful hot glue gun and tell it you love it. Cause really, how far would we ‘creative’ people get without Mr. Glue-gun. So then basically just hot glue buttons wherever you want. In any order you want. You are in charge! 🙂


Don’t you love the colors?! Mrs. M. 🙂 I like the sound of that!

OK, I would do a whole lot more yellows and oranges. Too bad so sad, but it turned out pretty cute not buying anything. Now at this point, if I had all the molla at my disposal (watch out!) I would use glitter rhinestones, clip on earrings and glitter spray paint. But I did have the rhinestones!


And that ended nap time. Emma was awake and thrilled to see we were playing with small colorful buttons. 🙂 But not happy I had to ruin it all by sticking the camera in her face and tell her to say cheese! This was her attempt. I think she could have given more effort. 😉


* my thanks goes out to Mr. Hot glue gun. Love you man.