Here buggy, buggy

***************written by Emma******************

did you know i’m a certified bug catcher?! it’s true. just one of the many talents i posses.

14672161702.jpgit’s true, i can whistle AND spit at the same time. and also become wrinkly in the bathtub. talented. yes.

but right now i’m loving bugs. at a good long distance of course. like this ant hill. i stayed far away even though my mommy tried coxing me closer. yeah right!

14672291936.jpgI might get crazy adventurous and make a move closer:

14672407673.jpgcatching (being a good distance away from) bugs is fun.

14672124321.jpgeventually i learned, that to catch bugs in my pink bug catcher, i need to move it around in the air. my mom showed me how to wave it in the sky.


then, my mom tried teaching me about different bugs, where they live and what they eat. i laughed SO HARD when she told me bugs eat leaves and grass. no they don’t! dogs do! clearly it was my time to educate MY mom.

hope you have a great day! we’re going to an actual park where bugs live. i told my mom they don’t live in fields but in parks. good thing i told her or we would never have gone there to find bugs.