My Weekend Give Away!

It’s been FOREVER since my last give away and I thought something summery would do the trick. I didn’t want to spend any money because I’m a cheap skate. So after looking through different things in my creative part of the house, and figuring out that I might have to mail it I decided on jewelry. What a shock.

But enough with the griping. Who wants to win this hot summery set?! The earrings are made with fresh water pearls and the red stones…I think are a type of onyx. But don’t quote me on that. Aren’t they pretty? I made the bracelet stretchy so you don’t have to worry about clasps, I’m into stretchy bracelets right now. It’s all about if your daughter gets a hold of it will she brake it or just stretch it. Stretch it please, oh stretch it. Remember to click on it for a bigger prettier picture.

Rules: simple just comment ON MY BLOG. You don’t have to have a blog to comment. Just comment, and on Sunday night (when we will be getting back from the beach- whoop whoop!) I will go to and it will chose it for me. Only one comment per person. 😉 Thought you’d be sneaky on me huh…

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