Cream Biscuits


Any biscuits I attempt to make turn out to be awesome hockey pucks. Yes, perfect for hockey. And no matter what recipe I try it was always the same result. 

So I eventually resolved to buy Pillsbury ones and not worry about it. But, my friend Sarah told me she had a recipe that was good….and after looking at it- it looked quite simple…so I forced myself to swallow my bad attitude towards biscuits and try again.

Here are the ingredients:  minus Belle.


Mix the dry together then add the milk. I substituted the heavy cream for some half and half and regular milk.


I had to add a lot more flour than the recipe called for- it had the consistency of oatmeal. And the saddest thing about this is that I ran out of regular flour and substituted the rest with whole wheat flour. Thus the color and eventually the taste. (not terrible, just wheat-y)


Just knead, cut and place. I used to worry about not having a biscuit cutter- back when I was actually trying to make them. My cutter has since been retired to play dough time. If you don’t have a cutter just use a glass rim. 


I made these thinking they would take forever to make but it took maybe 5-10 min….the rest of dinner wasn’t ready so they sat and waited to be cooked. So when you try this- make them just before you are finished with dinner. 


I served them pipping hot- not because I’m nice- but because I was nervous they would harden to rocks once they cooled. They didn’t and turned out OK. They were actually eatable, although very dense. Trav and I agreed they would be best with chili or something to dunk in. 

Once they came out I spread butter on top and sprinkled with garlic salt. Everything is better with garlic salt. Amen.


Out of 5 stars, Travis gave it 3 1/2 and I gave it 3 stars. It would taste better if it was made wholly of white four. (But that is my un-healthy taste buds coming out). I’m not big on the wheat flavor plus the dense-ness is very intense. As I picked them up I was shocked at how heavy these are. I told Trav these would stick to your ribs and wouldn’t be bad in the cold wintertime.

However, these don’t have butter/oil/crisco in them. So how could I expect any light flacky-ness?!


Cream Biscuits

2 C Flour, 2t Baking Powder, 2t Sugar, 1/4t Salt

1 1/2 Heavy Cream

Mix dry ingredients together then add cream. if needed add extra flour till a dough consistency forms. Knead, roll out and cut in whatever shapes you would like. Place on baking pan and cook for 15 at 425’F.


***Try these and let me know what you think!!!******