It is done!

The party came and went last night and I can say that from my perspective it went well. I only wish I had a backyard for the kiddos to run around and go crazy in. Oh, well. Emma was, of course, Snow White. I actually dressed up as a cow girl, who I was later told I looked like a farmer. Huh, better work on that. Emma had a lot of fun, pushing a stroller full of babies, eating brownies and playing with her friends. She had her moments of being overloaded and wanting to snuggle with me- which I ate up with a spoon.

Sweet Becky and Silly Brandon

Brandon and Becky

Brandon being silly

I had been fighting a stress headache the entire day and knew that when the party was over I could start relaxing. We even had a dear couple (above pictures) who stayed behind and they helped us clean the house! It meant so much to me. They even left and came back with TACO BELL! And that is a serious love language for me…they are so sweet and thoughtful. They even babysit Emma randomly when I’m calling the day of. Good friends are important to have. They also both have blogs so please go check them out. Go here to see Becky’s and here to see Brandon’s. THANK YOU GUYS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Adorable Cupcakes

Aren’t these mini Pumpkin Cupcakes ADORABLE?! A girlfriend friend made them, go here to see her blog, and they were a bit hit. Thank you Amy!

Spice Muffins

Another girlfriend made these- check out her blog here. The leaf and pumpkin muffins made with spice batter was so YUMMY! I think they just perfectly capture fall.

Emma and I

I didn’t have a shirt so I had to borrow from Trav’s side of the closet. Eyeliner for the ‘freckles’ and the hat is vintage- it was Trav’s as a young boy…either I have a tiny head or he had an enormous head as a toddler. 🙂

Artistic Abstract Pumpkins

The children’s activity- coloring pumpkins. The older kids took this very seriously and the younger one’s thought it was more fun to color on our coffee table. Good thing they were washable and just cleaned right up. It sure made the parents sweat with fear. hehe

Bug eye-d Charis :)

Charis and I

Cassiday, me and Amy

Sweet Snow White

“Oh my goodness!”

The Mielonen's

Emma and her friends

All 9 children who came. It was so cute! Costumes in order: Snow White, Cowboy (even with chaps!), Ballerina, Kitty, Samurai Warrior, Kitty, Lady bug (Emma’s BFF), Cheerleader and Robin Hood. SO SUPER COOL,  but a bit crazy too. So how did I wind down?…..


TACO BELL BABY! *sigh…ah, now I can start relaxing. This was Trav and my dinner, at around 9pm. Yikes.

My love

If you want me to do something for you- Taco bell is close to my heart.  I’m going to upload more pictures of friends and Emma onto her blog later today so check it out!