Bath time

this is emma again, coming to you live from the bath tub. which in itself is one of the happiest places in the world which can rival disneyland. just the thought of bath time brings a light to my eyes and i will do anything mom asks. clean up. throw things away. make dinner. i really am amazing.

my aunt jamie is here and she is so super fun to watch me in the tub. she plays with me and she loves to pretend. which i’m an expert in. in my¬†observation¬†adults loose their imaginations as they age. a horrible way to live. no wonder peter pan went to neverland. anyhoo….

here is jamie posing and wishing she wasn’t getting her picture taken. hehe i like power.

Nonebut jamie is only so much fun. no offense jamie but my toys will do whatever i say. they love me and i’m their master. here is my mommy pony. she loves her babies. and she loves to swim.

Noneisn’t she beautiful. my mommy did her hair. i love it. and finally here i am. cheeese!