‘up too late but can’t turn my brain off’ thoughts

Planning on making this. Will you come over and help me eat it? I seriously have a problem with baking things, but really, is it so horrible? I prefer to say I am always prepared to have guests over- it sounds so much better.

But seriously, apple butter smells SO good, why don’t they have perfume in that scent?! I would totally buy it….and would probably get caught smelling myself in our elevator and feel embarrassed. Then be known as the girl who smells herself…it could be worse. I’m not a cat lady. *cough* MOM *cough*  (oh yes I did)


I’m obsessed with turquoise right now but you wouldn’t know it looking around my home. Must change that. Spray paint anyone?


Who’s daughter practices her vulcan mind grip on her mommy? MINE DOES!



I’ve had some of you ask for my Swedish Meatball recipe. Here it is!

14085034888.jpgIn a crock pot, dump 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom with 4 shakes of the garlic salt. Then add 1 T of the chicken bouillon.

Take out your whisk and mix in what might feel like a bit too much milk. When you’re there add the frozen meatballs. I’m sorry but I forgot to measure the amount of milk, I do my dinner recipes by feel.

Turn your beautiful, wonderful, hardworking crock pot on low for about 3-4 hours. I stir mine every so often.

(my watched pots DO boil)

I honestly had about an hour to make mine so I turned mine on high for 1 hr. Tasted great. Just combine with brown rice and the main course is done.


I need to do yoga stretches more I think. My back is tight. Either that or Travis needs to pay for massages. I prefer the latter.

Even better, (Aunt Donna) : I need to go to a warm Texan beach with the women in my family and think of nothing but smelling apple butter, I mean coco butter and drinking cold lemonades. Ahhhhh.

Night friends, that is what I’ll pray I dream of tonight. Hope you get good sleep too.