Emma’s Animals

It is MY pleasure to announce the one….the only….Emma Eileen Mielonen showing you her animals! (roar from crowd and throwing of roses!)

Go HERE to see her showing off her skills.

*actually, she knows way more animals, she just wanted to see herself on the camera. I might have an actress on my hands. 🙂 Please ignore my annoying voice. You know how you never want to listen to a message of yours because it doesn’t really sound like you? This is way worse. So ‘I apologize’ before you see it.

Nothing special

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. But it ‘s not just any zoo trip- it’s the grand opening of the African predators! I’m excited to see the cheetahs, but not as much as the lions. Sounds kinda snobby, but I prefer the cheetahs. It’s just a me thing. The fun part is that we and another mom with her little princess will be there at 8am when the doors open! Apparently they are expecting tons of people so we’re going to be one of the first to be there. I mean, people will get out of the way for cute little girly girls and crazy moms pushing strollers- right?  That means leaving our house around 7am, which means waking up and eating breakfast at like…too early. But I can be sure Emma will take her nap at least. 🙂

Secondly, and least importantly, I have become addicted to this lotion from Bath and Body Works. My mom gave me a set for my birthday and I use tons everyday. (yes, I know you’re reading this mom, and I give you full credit) I’ll be sure to ask for some more for Christmas. You should try it if you like cherries. It smells amazing. Promise.

Cherry Vanilla Lotion

Portland Zoo

I love going to the zoo. Everything about it. Packing a picnic for lunch, looking at exotic animals and being mainly out of our house. But there is one thing I don’t like- all the crazy people (mainly unsupervised children) snuffling their noses against the glass to see a glimpse of a lion. Well today we beat the system and got smarter- we went way early! Like around 9:30 am. We met a friend who has a years membership and got us in free and we strolled our strollers around the empty paths and did whatever we wanted. It was really relaxing actually! (Let’s not get into me getting lost taking many wrong turns/exits on the way there) No it was a great time and even though I did talk yesterday about getting ‘unconventional pictures’  I wasn’t feeling super creative. I was more focused on keeping Emma entertained so she wouldn’t freak out wanting to walk around and snuggle with a lion or leopard. (yes mom, Emma is wearing the jean jumper you got her and it looks freeking adorable on her 🙂 )

I did, obviously, take some photos to post.  ~Amy, thanks for inviting us today, we had a great time. I absolutely LOVE the cheesy smile Rylee gave me. I’ll have to e-mail it to you. Emma slept the entire way home and is now talking in her crib. Crap. Well, lets hope her second nap will be a long one.



Cheesy Smile Rylee

Hungry hungry hippo