Leaves are gone…

The leaves are gone and in it’s place are icicles and frost. the birds no longer churp and dance on the branches but instead the wind whistles and has the trees dance with her to her unheard waltz. What does winter hold?
Lakes and rivers freeze, protecting fish and other pieces which have found their way to the riverbed. Protecting them with branches and mud, beavers bravely live between the two worlds. The trees and wind as their neighbors and eating the fish trapped under the ice ready for the catch.
What does winter hold?
For me, it holds warm memories of sitting around a fire snuggling in a favorite blanket. Hot cocoa and thick books waiting to be picked up. Watching movies over and over and staying in bed half an hour after waking up.
The cosy hats as my helmet, gloves as a sword and fleece lined coats as a shield prepare me to fight mother nature. With all her weapons : snow, wind and ice…my warmth is well protected.

-that warmth snuggly and tightly held in my memories.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Resolutions are huge. I think they are the only way gyms stay in business. I can remember years ago, going into a gym with a friend a couple of weeks after the new year, and can clearly remember what it felt like to be so excited to work out. The thrill of changing into clothes that really should not fit that tightly to anyone’s body, drinking the sugar drinks promising to be hydrating and stepping onto the dreaded machine- the scale.
…ahh the memories. That excitedness and anticipation to see change sadly lasted only a couple months. None the less, I think it is healthy to have the ambition to want to change the old to new. A friend of mine is wanting to loose weight while another friend wants to be able to stick to boundries she has set for herself.
I myself, am not sure what I want as a resolutoin. Knowing I don’t have to choose anything is a bit releaving, however I find I’m addicted to the feeling of…well, hope. Having the hope to acomplish what I want to. Now I know many could challenge and debate whether my thought process is healthy, but I am content to hope for tomorrow. Hope that I can do something that could improve me either physicaly, emotionaly or even spiritualy.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

A Mothers Love…

Here is a tough story-but true. I wish it weren’t…
Travis and I were in the parking lot of a Target when a woman passed us with her two children at her side. She was holding her son and her daughter was next to her-she was about 4. We heard horrible words the mother was yelling to her daughter- ‘Just shut up Cory. Just f*@! off Cory’ I’m telling you the truth when i say my that my face got hot and I was ready to ring that mothers neck. I was shocked that she would tell her daughter that…stuptified. What was she thinking?! What must the daughter be feeling?!
I took Child Educatoin for my work and what that mother said to her children and what else she might be saying is seriously damaging to both the kids. Where was the mothers love? Was it in the ‘shut-up’ or ‘f*@! off’?
People, if we are given children- we need to be the best parents we can be for our kids. Period. I do not see ANY good coming out of sharp and hurtful words.
Lord, may You open the eyes of the parents who are hurting their kids daily. I pray that You send someone who will either show them how to stop cussing out their kids or You take the kids out of the family. And I also pray for the kids-protect them. Lord, allow them to become deaf when their parents are frustrated at them and start saying hurtful things. May You also bring people into their lives who give encouraging, life giving words. Amen.


I’M ENGAGED! My apologies to you for the delay in writing this. Travis proposed at the Goroto in Portland. He asked me to ‘be my bride’ in a Christmas lit garden- very romantic and sweet.

Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful man and may I continue to strive to better partner for him.

Castle Gate

This is Travis and I in Poland. We were standing in the iron gates of an old castle in the southern snowy countryside. It was icy and freezing and while we looked at the different treasures it held inside and outside the walls, a beautiful cat followed us in and out of the castle. My heart fell in love with the beautiful animal which seemed so comfortable in the snow. I tried to keep it as warm as possible but had to say goodbye when leaving for home. I thought about taking it home with me to Portland…but unfortunatly Trav said customs wouldn’t quite have much mercy for a stray cat I would be trying to bring home. Come on custom people…have a heart won’t you people?! 🙂

Gorge Winds Blowin’

I live near a gorge. It’s a wonderful and beautiful sight to see and expore in, but in the winter and spring time- it’s windy. Now I’m not talking about wind that gently blows your hair or wind that make tree leaves look as if their dacing to an unheard symphony. No-I’m talking about the wind that picks up trees, topples garbage cans, makes telephone poles sway and makes you think that to go outside is suicide. I for one did my part of grumbling because of the cold and well… freezing cold wind. Howeve I decided to turn a leaf and embrace the energy it brings to the city. I mean really, how often can I remember holding my hat onto my head and running diagonally because of the power of the wind?
This wonderous wind instead makes me more thankful for the normal conveniences I would have taken for granted. Example: hats which protect my ears, fleece lined gloves, electric blankes, tall shrubbs to hide behind from the wind, cars with heating and tall buildings to protect me from the speading leaves and debree.
So thank you!
(even though i can say this right now snuggled inside my electric blanket listening to christmas music… I will see how I feel tomorrow when I have to walk to and from to school.)


My appologies for not writing so often. I admit I am tired and frustrated. I am tired from the month and a half of traveling around the world. (as much fun as that sounds-believe me, it can get old) And frustrated because I am now stuck at my fathers house without any transportation for three weeks. I am afraid God heard me when I was complaining saying all I wanted was peace and quiet. well, I have it and I am board out of my mind.
I will be going back to school Sept 10th. I am looking forward to it and am excited about school. I know-that’s crazy. But that is my only sense of stabiblity. I also have to face a year so full of stuff I get a headache thinking about it.
student/leadership secretary/teacher/barista/girlfriend/the list goes on…
So, all in all I think I would ask you to pray for me concerning my quiet times. I know without a shadow that I will be dependant on those times this coming year, but I also know I need to start them now if I am to go into school with this pattern. So, I need to start this quiet time and so far all I have done is nod my head and say’oh, yeah that’s important.’
Thanks and I hope to write later saying my quiet time has become a daily habit.


It’s ok to call me a book nerd. I love books- they’re awesome. To anyone who is interested about new authors- look into Francine Rivers. She is so awesome! I will refer her to anyone and would love to hear what anyone else thinks about her.
If anyone also knows how to contact her I would love to know. Thanks and enjoy your new books!


I have recently found out about the micro-chips people are putting on themselves and their children-for the protection of their kids I understand. Themselves I guess it’s for convenience. But are we going to far? I can say that it is really interesting to me and that I am impressed at the technically advancements we have in society today.
However, a couple of my friends are talking about this being completly horrific and ungodly. I can see thier point as well. Will it come to a point where you are unable to buy food unless you don’t have the chip (or could I say ‘mark’?) Is this the mark so many christians are talking about? I hope my Lord will come soon, yet I hope for my beliefs to remain steadfast. Lord, give me the strength I want so badly.

Lovin’ Rainy Days…

right now i can say without any hesitation -i am truely in love. have you ever felt that feeling? the feeling of seeing a dark rainy day in the morning and saying “how beautiful it is today!” or have you ever felt the feeling of being fuzzy headed because all the wonderful mushy thoughts ecircling your head? i am so happy and lucky to love him and for him to love me!!
he is by far the greatest gift God has ever given me and i will hold on tight. thank you Lord for such a wonderful, God centered relationship. we both praise your name for bringing us together.