Thanksgiving in August?

I know many who talk about eating a lot during Thanksgiving time. And that’s completely understandable because all the food served is, in my opinion, the best comfort food ever. However, what does it say when you make a pumpkin pie in August wishing it were November?…and the worst part is you eat the ENTIRE pie. (one slim slice was given to Travis)

Pumpkin pie

Empty pie dish

Kitty Whiskers and Paper Parasols

Yes this is the same blog! Crazy change I know. Our family has a blog that uses WordPress and I thought I might as well transfer over since I know it wouldn’t be long till I would eventually switch over. Today I had a movie/family night planned. We’re planning on watching a favorite of mine: Iron Man. I like to pretend before going to bed that I’m a super hero and called on to save the world. While wearing cool outfits and having super powers of course.

Here are a few pictures of our night together. Have a great Sunday!

Threw together what I had. Mixed in lime juice and granulated sugar. Very refreshing!

Travis' favorite. It was really good and fast!

pizza family night 033