About Myself

“Dear Friend,

I like to start our conversations as if we are the dearest and closest of friends- instead of what we really are- strangers who met on the internet” (You’ve Got Mail)

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Hi, I’m Alexis.

I believe my alter ego would blog and keep you enraptured in my rants and raves about food, creativity, life and family. But unfortunately for you, I’m the writer of this blog and I have a much blander way of communicating. Who am I? A mom who wouldn’t mind ‘smile wrinkles’ some day.

Also a wife and mama who loves life and thinks that having a ‘free spirit’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ is something to revel in. A complicated person who is slowly learning more and more about myself and will randomly talk about my journey.

Interested? Stay tunned…and comment too. I like comments 🙂

  1. HI friend, great new look…if you like you can put my blog on your list of blogs you read as well…I am thinking of a new name..this one is too long 😉

  2. Beautiful at all angles! 🙂

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