We live in a small neighborhood about 20 min outside Krakow and there are red poppies everywhere. It was such a wonderful surprise after moving here to see them popping up almost every where. They are the most delicate and vibrant flower, making me smile every time I see them.


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Thanks for visiting! I'm a happy mom and wife who loves the smell of books, traveling and food. I like dreaming about alter egos, snuggling with Emma and going on dates with hubby,Travis. Pretty much anything creative I'm into. I hope you enjoy my rants and raves and come back soon. Oh, and I love comments so please feel free to let me know what you think!

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  1. tykkäsin, itekin tullut ostettua kaikenlaista tuolta! palvelu pelaa – todellakin! niin ja mainintana vielä että nyt fabissa on ilmaiset postikulut kaikille yli 70e ostoksille. Ei siis tarvii olla tuota 2kk ilmasia postareita!

  2. Aceste cuvinte sunt interpretate de ap. Pavel:De aceea, omorâţi mădul5a8arele voastre care Sunt pe pământ: curvia, necurăţia, patima, pofta rea, şi lăcomia, care este o închinare la idoli.Coloseni 3:5

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  4. To ja powinnam się Pani ukłonić, co niniejszym czynię :)Pani słowa zapamiętam. Trochę mi niezręcznie, bo jak mi na kimś zależy to się boję, żeby nie urazić i stąd moja sztywność, proszę mi wybaczyć. :))

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  10. yeah sorry, get so het up truing to get everything on to the site it means i can’t spend too much on each post, its something i’m going to be changing in the next few months so bear with me btw. i read every comment for every poster so please don’t think i’m ignoring you all! and Morgan belated congrats on being featured in the lego minifig book! well deserved!

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  13. The manipulations of your captures are fantastic. The only thing I find lacking is some sort of climax, whether it be structurally or dynamically. The impression left upon my after a listen was that it was static (primarily in dynamics), which I think the effect of that has been accomplished effectively, but I find myself wanting some destination. I think the thinning of the layer at the end really add a contrast, but also occur to quickly in comparison to the rest of the piece to have an equalled effect.

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