Bike Riding

I went biking with some women at my church and it was amazing. I haven’t ridden a bike in almost forever and I forgot how much fun it is! The ride in general was tough and long for a prego lady but beautiful with really rewarding conversations. I’m so glad I went! It began in Krakow and we took our bikes alongside the Wisla River climbing over hills and through a beautiful green valley to a monastery tucked in the hills surrounding Krakow.  I must say I was nervous almost the whole time as the sky was filled with dark clouds and…we were on bikes. I brought an umbrella but I can’t really hold it and bike. So I prayed, and prayed and prayed. lol Turned out it never rained but kept the temps cooler which was great for the ride.


We passed some man-made white water rapid courses that totally excited me and I really want to try those when it’s hotter.


The monastery was beautiful and we were lucky enough to see a couple getting married there. Great coffee but even better apple cake. Oh man. Why didn’t I take a picture of that?! But like I said earlier, the most fruitful and enjoyable time was talking along the path with other women, getting to know them and start friendships. So happy I went and had this adventure!

Children’s Day


Here in Poland, they celebreate Children’s Day on June 1sr. What a great day! You can see kids walking through town carrying a balloon or some random toy. Emma actually get a large bag of chocolates for free at the restaurant we went to eat at! That bag has since disappeared…


The highlight of the day for Emma was getting her face painted and getting an ice cream, Elena was content with wearing matching shirts. She’s become obsessed with wanting to look like Emma. Which is OK with Emma right now…we’ll see in the coming months. Right now I’ve got to go find a couple new t-shirts that match. 🙂 But I must admit it’s super fun for me. Sorta a dream having your girls want to match all the time.


I’m happy to say that Emma will be joining a cooking group here and it starts Saturday. Since she loves to cook and this would be a great opportunity to meet other kids her age I’m really excited about it for her! Hopefully a couple Polish friendships will sprout out of these meetings. Yes, I’ll take pictures. 🙂