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Mr. Janek

Mr. Janek Our handsome man of the house when Travis is gone. He’s a poser. I love it. And his freckled nose.

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Salt Dough Ornaments (part 2)

Success. A little acrylic paint (with added sparkles-duh) and …there you go. 🙂  

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Sugar Cookies

With the latest current events still fresh in my mind, posting about something as silly as sugar cookies seems almost shallow. Yet, what I want to celebrate is the memory, quality time and smiles we shared while making them. I … Continue reading

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Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes

  I don’t make many things with pumpkin although it’s one of my favorite vegetables. I had two unopened huge cans of pure pumpkin puree with glorious plans of making yummy things until it ran out. They’ve been sitting and … Continue reading

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Getting Elana used to the camera

  …most of the time when I take the camera  out…

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the best

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Salt Dough Ornaments (part 1)

Like most of you, I saw many Christmas recipes on Pinterest promising to be THE one with the perfect salt dough recipe. And I pinned a couple with the intention of trying them out to decide which one was lying. … Continue reading

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Meet Elena Sofia

Emma is in sister heaven. 🙂

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Cheese Torellini and Spinach in Marinara

I’ve been surviving on this for my lunches for about…a week now. And I’m not tired of it- it’s that yummy. Simply combined cheese tortellini, favorite jarred tomato sauce and frozen spinach. Let me know which combo’s you make!

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