Sugar Cookies


With the latest current events still fresh in my mind, posting about something as silly as sugar cookies seems almost shallow. Yet, what I want to celebrate is the memory, quality time and smiles we shared while making them. I don’t want to take any moment for granted with her. So precious.



Sugar Cookies

3 1/4C Flour

1 1/2t Baking Powder

1/2t Salt

1C Butter (softened)

1C Sugar

1 Egg

1T Milk

2 1/2T Vanilla

In medium mixing bowl combine flour, baking powder, and salt; set aside. In large mixing bowl beat butter on medium to high speed for 30 seconds. Add sugar. Beat until combined, scraping sides of bowl as necessary. Beat in egg, milk, vanilla, and lemon peel. Beat in as much flour as you can with the mixer. Stir in any remaining flour. Divide dough in half. Cover and chill 1 hour or until easy to handle.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Roll half the dough at a time, between sheets of waxed paper, to 1/4-inch thickness, sprinkling bottom sheet of waxed paper with flour if cookie dough sticks. Cut with desired cutters (if dough becomes too soft, return to refrigerator). Place 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until edges are firm and bottoms are barely light brown. Transfer to wire rack to cool. Makes about 2-1/2 dozen (2-1/2- to 3-1/2-inch) cookies

Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes



I don’t make many things with pumpkin although it’s one of my favorite vegetables. I had two unopened huge cans of pure pumpkin puree with glorious plans of making yummy things until it ran out. They’ve been sitting and sitting…waiting to be used. I finally just thought, ‘what the heck, if I ruin a recipe then I ruin it. At least I would have tried it’ and so here is my own vegan pumpkin pancakes.


They are not as fluffy as some recipes, the batter is on the thin side. But you could put in chocolate (dairy/nondairy) chips for a yummy creamy-ness. Mmmmm. Enjoy!


Did I mention they are a snap to make?

Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes

1 1/2C  Nondairy milk

2T Oil

2T Pumpkin Puree

1 1/2 C Flour

2T Sugar

1t Baking Powder

1/2t Nutmeg

1/2t Ginger

1T Cinnamon


Salt Dough Ornaments (part 1)

Like most of you, I saw many Christmas recipes on Pinterest promising to be THE one with the perfect salt dough recipe. And I pinned a couple with the intention of trying them out to decide which one was lying. Unfortunately, we made them tonight on a whim and kinda made my own recipe by mixing the two ‘promised’ ones. They turned out like normal salt dough ornaments. But the thing that stood out the most was the laughing and creativity it inspired. I’ll post the recipe at the end of this post.

And just for fun, here is our experience documented in black and white. 






OK, I have to stop here and confess how hard it was for me at this point to let her roll, cut and scoop onto the pan. Mostly because I could make them look prettier and we all know that’s what this memory is about…watching mom do everything because I can make them pretty.


So I put my hands behind my back and stood behind her so she couldn’t see my impatience. And took a couple deep breaths. I have a thing with perfectionism with crafts…oh OK and a smidge of a control thing. 😉 Then I just took to the camera. Easier to be reminded of what I’m missing if I keep that attitude.



Salt Dough

1/2C Salt

1/2C Luke warm water

1C Flour

Mix and Kneed. Bake at 300’F for 20-25 min. And there you have it. Use your favorite cookie cutters.

**Tomorrow we paint, stamp and ribbon-ize!**