Respecting daddy

I was lying in bed last night and got to thinking about our wedding vows. ‘To love and cherish’…in the short 6 years we’ve been married, I would now want to go back and rewrite them to say, ‘to love and respect from this day forth’. 

I’ve come to learn how important respect is for a marriage and what really hit me while I was thinking, is being a mom and my responsibility in showing Emma and our new baby girl, what ‘respecting your husband’ looks like in a marriage.


It’s not like we females really have to work at loving. We’re born loving. It’s in our DNA. But when it comes to showing respect for the opposite sex, it’s sometimes a bit of a foreign language. We go into our natural loving ways and think we’re showing respect. I’ve meant so well and missed the mark many times. But it requires an open dialog between each other.

So I suppose I just have a desire to show our girls not just how to love their husbands but respect them. Yes, it’ll look differently depending on the guy they marry, but over all I don’t want them going into their relationship without tools, memories or experiences of what it looked like to respect daddy.

That’s it. 🙂