Playing with some editing…

This was taken during a photo session last spring. Wonderful people with amazing hearts. I thought I’d play around with some editing, needing to get bacck into the groove for a couple sessions coming up with some families. 

And if you want to see more pictures of the Wardens go HERE.

She is an AMAZING baker and has quite the reputation for her cookies. Thought it was so appropriate that they chose a baking book. 🙂

**If you’re interested in scheduling a photo session please let me know. We don’t have a price but only ask that you would donate to our REACH POLSKA fund. Thank you!**

Grand Canyon

A few weeks back we had the amazing opportunity to take a drive over to the Grand Canyon while we were visiting Phoenix. Here are some over due pictures. 🙂

(thinking about enlarging and framing the above picture, such beautiful bright colors. And they sounded beautiful when she walked)

and a pregnant picture. way overdue on those too…

Some baby thoughts

Some randoom thoughts:

Listening to Michael Buble singing ‘Feeling Good’ and firmly believe it’s impossible to hear it and not smile.

We have some big news: We found out that we are having a….GIRL!!! So excited 🙂

Already feeling ‘huge’ but know that I am only half way done! Yikes! I’m know I’m going to pack on a whole lot more but feeling kinda nervous about that. 🙂

There are some things that we are garage selling for this summer. Slings, floor play things, baby toys (not tons), baby tub, etc. 

Our baby shower is going to be big, fabulous, fun and family friendly! For Emma’s I just asked for practical things, and no clothes. How unfun! Well this time bring on the new baby dresses, girly leg warmers and ruffles! 

I’m starting to try and figure out the room they’ll be sharing. How it will work, the organizing, etc. Have any ideas or advice for sharing rooms? 

My condition is getting better but not gone. Hopfully in late July it will be gone and I can be normal again. 

NOTHING is better than feeling her kick, poke and squirm inside. Those secret touches from her makes every moment worth it.

Apparently she already likes to suck her thumb, not that I can blame her, I did too. 🙂 I’ve got pictures of her to prove it- love. her.

Thankful to start calling her ‘HER’ and not ‘IT’. 🙂

So thankful for her and the miracle she is. Emma CAN. NOT. WAIT. to dress her and feed her. I think she will need her own new baby, baby carrier and stroller. (it will be a present from her little sister hehe)

Hope you all have a great week- I will! I’m half way to hearing her coos, smelling that beautiful baby smell and unfolding her incredibly teeny diapers. *sigh, I can’t wait either. 🙂